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Our Story

After 11 years spanning the globe with some of music’s biggest names, pro-athletes and models, veteran tattoo artist Frankie Orange decided to set up shop in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. Having had a desire to open his own tattoo shop for most of his 21 years in tattooing, it was time for Frankie to open the doors of Orange Tattoo Company on January 4, 2010. Located in the main artery of “Naptown” on West Street, Orange Tattoo Company collects over 90 years of tattoo experience from some of tattooing’s best and brightest artists: Joe “Joweone” Nasatka, Matt Kellough, Brady Duncan, Bryan McKenzie, Chuan, and Chris Berube. Having tattooed in locales as varied as Baltimore, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Hollywood, San Francisco and even countries such as Japan, France, Brazil, and Australia, the artists at Orange Tattoo Company bring the many artistic terrains of tattooing to Annapolis’ doorstep. Every tattoo done at Orange Tattoo Company not only includes a unique mark of travel and artistic expertise, but is done so that a personal, unforgettable client experience comes first, no matter what tattoo you end up taking back home.


This artistic commitment goes far beyond tattooing. Orange Tattoo Company also proudly hosts an array of events open to the general public including the client-favored art shows featuring multiple mediums and amazing artists from all over the world. Such artists have included Master Pinstriper Gary Jenson, B.J. Betts, Chloe Trujillo and many more. These events underscore how valued one of a kind art is to Orange Tattoo Company.


So, wandering wayfarer, should your travels take you into Naptown, and you enter Orange Tattoo Company’s doors, rest assured that you’ll always leave with a memento worth remembering.

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